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In Memory Elder W.L. Bates

Senior Advisors to the Ministers


Bio: Rev. W.L. Bates has been a minister for 55 years. He accepted his calling into the ministry in 1958 in the Baptist church. About a year after preaching his first sermon he moved to the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church when he joined Pillow Street C.M.E. church. His first appointment was Johnson Chapel C.M.E. church. He retired from Pillow Street C.M.E. church following a succesful career in the denomination. He married the late Evelyn Juanita Pye and had five sons. Rev. Thomas Bates, Rev. Harold Bates Sr., Clifton Bates, Vernon Bates, and Brian Bates. His most famous sermon "Do Your Work" has been how he approached his ministry. He was proud of the fact that he got along well with all of the churches he  had the privilege to pastor. In 1999, he ran unsuccessfully for a position in the Shelby county government so the incumbent would not run unapposed. He was a veteran of World War II. He was instrumental in helping many young ministers get their careers started in the church and was still advising many of them until the time of his death. He set his sites on helping Get Recovered Ministries started as he was the chief advisor to the ministers.  GRMCC misses your guidance!!!!

Meet Our People

Rev. Harold Bates Sr, 

Sr. Pastor, Founder

Evangelist Phyllis Bates

Co-Pastor, Co-Founder


Rev. Clifton Bates

Associate Minister

Rev. Donna Johnson

Associate Minister

Rev. Debra Jones

Associate Minister

Deacon Adam Johnson

Deacons & Church Op, Chair

Mother Crystal Bates

Church Secretary

Raphael Udo III

Music Ministry

In Memory Mother Dorothy Johnson

Hospitality Chairperson

We Love and Miss Your Guidance

Deacon Harold Bates Jr.

Minister of Music

DeaconessBrenda Bates

Trustee, Announcements

Mother Aubra Bates

Mother Board Chairperson

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Address: 7166 Winchester # 106

Telephone: 662-408-7987

Join our Worship Service at 10:00 am on our Go-to Meeting app. Bible Study and Intercessory prayer each Wednesday on the app at 6:30 pm. Wednesday after 1st Sunday Mid-week Refresher Rev. Clifton Bates gives our message.




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What Keeps Us Going

"We lost our home during a fire. I  also lost my job and was really struggling to meet my needs. One night we went to bed hungry. The next day the ministers were at my door with several bags of groceries and a financial donation from one of its members. Without the generous support of Get Recovered Ministries and its volunteers, I don't know how we would have coped during those difficult times."


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